Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why Tennessee?

One of the many reasons to pick TN over somewhere like CA or FL is becasue of the beautiful mountains and low amount of stress and problems!
The best thing about living in Knoxville and having lived in Nashville is the people truthfully do not care who you are or what you do.
Unlike Africa, where I am from, everybody is always "in your business" and trying to get you to do something.
Everyone here is very laid back and does not try to bother you with daily booriiing tasks. Something I personally like very much.
I am in the wholesaling business and am very grateful for the training I have gotten. I am not yet where I plan to be, where my dreams and goals lie, but I am making my way there.
I have had training on doing wholesale since I was 23 and am now 27 with close to 5 years experience in the industry.
I started with wholesaling boxes of clothing and am continuing reaching new heights, of which I am very proud. Something which is only able to be done in America!
In Africa, I wouldn't be making half of what I am right now, and would have never even had the chance to try it because of the family I am from.

So Why Pick Tennessee?
Tennessee has very low tax rates and has very helpful people who will help you.
Tennessee is a great place to take it easy, while steadily improving and reaching new heights!

Love Kise Kiya

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